We manufacture injection moulding parts with a weight per unit of up to 2000 grams and process virtually every type of thermoplastic synthetic or elastomer on machinery from renowned manufacturers with a clamping force of up to 8000 KN.

Your parts are finished on a fully-automated painting robot complete with CO2 pre-cleaning. The precision joining of the parts to other materials to form complete components is performed using a wide variety of assembly technologies.


Our broad range of manufacturing operations in the field of plastics injection moulding comprises the following production processes:

  • Single-component injection moulding
  • Multi-component injection moulding
  • Internal gas pressure technology
  • Insert and outsert technology


We are able to process any type of thermoplastic synthetic or elastomer, such as:

  • PA 6/66 filled with glass or minerals, including long fibres
  • POM
  • PP, including long fibres
  • ABS 
  • TPE, TPO, TPU, etc.
  • PA 4.6, filled and unfilled
  • Fireproof materials HP 94, V0, etc.


Ensuring that our customers’ demands on quality are met and thus achieving maximum customer satisfaction are goals that we pursue using ultramodern equipment, defined processes and qualified personnel. The technologies employed include:

  • 3D metrology scanner (GOM)
  • 3D measuring machine (Hexagon)
  • Multi-sensor measuring machine, optical / tactile (Werth)
  • Contour plotter (Jena Optik)
  • Spectrophotometer with 8° and 45°/ 0 geometry (Konika Minolta)
  • Gloss metre (Byk Gardner)
  • Climate chamber -40°C / +180°C H2O (Memmert)
  • Paint coat inspections such as surface tension, cross hatch, coat thickness, etc.
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