We set great store by constantly optimising our systems and product quality. In every area of service, our quality standards are monitored by autonomous quality assurance teams. Regular quality management training courses build awareness for the need to do this among our employees, to improve workflows, and to raise our company’s effectiveness and customer satisfaction levels.

Our quality policy is a binding basis for our employees in their everyday work.
At the same time, we act in compliance with the following principles:

  1. Customer orientation
    In guiding our processes, we strive to constantly improve the levels of satisfaction among our external and internal customers. Every employee must be made constantly aware of this and thus make it a goal of their daily work. Our quality objective is “zero errors” and compliance with customer-specific demands.
  2. Leadership
    All senior executives within the company fully embrace the five principal leadership tasks.
    These are:
    • Facilitating goals
    • Creating organisation
    • Making decisions
    • Monitoring
    • Qualifying
  3. Employee inclusion
    Our employees guarantee our success. Every one of them is responsible for the quality of our products and services. Senior executives therefore include our employees in every decision as the situation and qualification demands.
  4. Process-oriented approach
    We know and improve the processes within our company and how they interact. Through this approach, we can successfully guide them and step up our effectiveness and efficiency.
  5. System-oriented management
    We perceive our company as an organisational system. The interrelation between the individual parts as well as the fulfilment of the needs of interested parties is something we foster through our effective management of resources and the availability of modern tools and instruments.
  6. Ongoing improvement
    We are never satisfied with the achieved goals. Through ever-new, effective measures designed to bring about improvement, we are able to achieve increasingly sophisticated objectives.
  7. Decision-making
    We make conscious decisions based on the information available to us. In the process, our decisions are consistently guided by our goals. We survey how they can be implemented swiftly and to good effect. This enables us to learn for the future and avoid mistakes.
  8. Supplier relationships
    Through their know-how and the quality of their products, our suppliers make a significant contribution towards our success. Their inclusive partnership enables us to attain our common goals.

As a supplier to the automotive industry, we are certified to:

ISO 9001

IATF 16949:2016


IATF 16949:2016
(Dressel + Höfner International)

Scope of application:

  • Toolmaking
  • Injection moulding
  • Lacquering + painting
  • Component assembly/hybrid components
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